Code of Conduct
Last Updated: May 9, 2016

This Code of Conduct (this “Code”) applies to your participation in The Junior Academy Program (the “Program”). By participating in this Program as a mentor or student, you agree to the following Code of Conduct:

Core Values.

Mentors and students will aspire to The Junior Academy’s core values of hard work, integrity, respect and responsibility.


Mentors and students will not take credit for other people’s creative work or use other people’s creative work without their permission and attribution.


Online cruelty or harassment will not be tolerated. Cyberbullying and cyberharassment will result in the termination of the offender’s participation in the Programs and may be a violation of law.


Consistent with our core values of integrity and responsibility and our objective of providing training opportunities in behavior appropriate for mature professional interactions, mentors and students will maintain awareness of the need to handle any confidential information that they learn in their interactions with a high degree of care. We strongly encourage mentors not to share with students any confidential information of their employers or themselves. Information that should reasonably be considered to be confidential based on its nature and the manner of its disclosure should not be shared with third parties without the disclosing party’s express consent and, if the disclosing party is a student who is a minor, without the prior express consent of the student’s parent or legal guardian.


Mentors and students will not use offensive language or transmit offensive or inappropriate images to other students or mentors.

Good Digital Citizenship.

Good digital citizenship is a critical component of the Programs. Our services are continuously monitored to promote Internet safety and security.

Mentor-Student Meetings.

In-person meetings between mentor and students are prohibited, unless they occur at NYAS/GSA-sponsored group events.

Mentor-Student Personal Relationships.

Mentors and students are strictly prohibited from establishing and engaging in any form of personal relationships other than a relationship that is appropriate to and strictly within the mentor-student context, either at or outside NYAS/GSA-sponsored group events.

Reporting Your Concerns.

We strongly encourage mentors and students to report any actual or suspected violations of this Code via the concern form. Download documents below:

Participant Concern Form Instructions

Participant Concern Form

Guidelines for Online Communication.

Think twice before posting. Posts on social media can take on a life of their own. Consider what could happen if a post becomes widely known and how that may reflect on you. Search engines can identify posts years after they are created, and comments can be forwarded or copied. If you wouldn’t say it at an event or to a member of the media, consider whether you should post it online. Even in closed groups, other Program participants may use or reuse your information or posts in ways you can’t anticipate, so please keep this in mind before posting.

Be respectful.

Understand that content contributed to social media sites may encourage comments or discussion of opposing ideas. Responses should be considered carefully before posting.

Strive for accuracy.

Always try to get the facts straight before posting on social media.

Identify your views as your own.

While you may be affiliated with The Junior Academy Program, or other organizations in some way, you should refrain from speaking on social media on behalf of any person or organization except yourself or from making statements that could be perceived as speaking on behalf of others.

Protect your identity.

We strongly recommend that you avoid publishing the kind of personal information, such as your home address, telephone numbers, email address, or credit card or social security numbers, that could be used by identity thieves or to harass or defraud you. You may not post any personal information on the The Junior Academy website about anyone who is under 13 years old, and if you are under 13 years old you may not use the The Junior Academy website.

This Code of Conduct is a part of, and incorporated by reference in, our [Terms of Use] at []. Capitalized terms used but not defined in this Code have the meanings assigned to them in our Terms of Use.